3 Ways to Improve Your Customer Service

January 26, 2022

Right now, customer experience and service matter more than ever. And consistency is key in keeping customers coming back again and again. It builds trust because they know what it's like to do business with you each and every time.

So giving great, consistent service and delivery makes good business sense, but how do you actually achieve it?

Here are three proven principles you can incorporate in your business:

1. Understand how your customers' expectations are increasing and changing over time and make changes, as needed, to support the market and needs.

What was good enough a couple of years ago may not be good enough now, so ffind out what your customers value and what they really want. Give your customers surveys or do interviews or focus groups to find out what they do or don’t get from your business.  

2. Set and achieve high service standards. Go beyond basic and expected levels of service to provide your customers with desired and even surprising interactions.

Find out the "norm" for service in your industry, and then find a way to go beyond.

Your customers will notice your higher standards. But eventually even the highest standards can be mimiced by your competitors. So don't slow down - always be looking for ways to improve.

3. Make time to stand on the client's side of your business, or listen on the other end of the phone. Be a "mystery shopper" at your own place of business. What you experience is what your customers experience daily!

Then, analyze what gaps you see in service or delivery? Where is the consistency lacking and how can you revise your systems and/or better train your staff?

Closing the gap for growth

How you care for and serve your clients and how you train your staff to do the same will support innovation and growth in your business.  You’ll see your client retention increase and the number of referrals you receive will skyrocket!

So where do you need to focus on so your systems are running consistently and efficiently every time for maximum client experience and retention?

Need help on where to start, contact us for a free strategy session to level up your customer service.

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