5 Reasons Customers Stop Buying from You

January 6, 2022

There are five - and only five - reasons why people STOP doing business with you.

And guess what, it's something that's completely within your control. 

· 4% are gone. They move, get promoted, transferred, etc. and are no longer in a position to make a buying decision.

· 5% change suppliers on the recommendation of a friend or colleague. TIP: stay in touch with them, you may get them back, and sometimes quickly.

· 9% change because of a true competitive advantage or benefit offered over your product or service.

· 14% change because they are unhappy with your service or product. And honestly, you're better off turning a potential customer away than selling them something that's not right for them. Then, you build trust to come back when you feel you have something that fits their needs. 

· And the top reason people stop doing business with you....68% of people stop buying from you because of perceived indifference.  They think you JUST DON'T CARE. 

That's 68% of clients you never had to lose.

So how do you keep your clients and show them you care?

Outside of communication during the actual service delivery or when they purchase your product, how do you regularly show your active and inactive clients you value and appreciate their business? And how do you systemize keeping in touch so it's part of your regular processes?

Here’s 3 (of many!) ways to keep in touch with clients to show them you're thinking of them, you care and to keep you top of mind:

  1. Regular newsletter, and NOT a promotional email.  Content can include exciting updates for your company, an employee highlight, news they can use, tips, etc.  You can also show you care by featuring their business in a monthly or quarterly highlight.
  2. Offering client-only value-adds or specials on your products or services. Friendly reminder that discounts pull from your profit, so focus on adding value.
  3. Just a regular old fashioned phone call.  Get to know them on a personal level.  Do they have kids?  What do they enjoy doing for fun?  Do they have any hobbies?  Are they taking a vacation you can follow up with them on?  Creating a personal connection helps build and sustain trust.

Want more ideas for client retention or how to systemize the process? Feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation or follow us on social media for more tips.

*Source: From U.S. government study "Why Customers Stop Buying." 

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