Earn more profit by increasing average sales

May 17, 2024

“Do you want fries with that?”

It’s one of the most common upsells in the game–a simple (and delicious!) offer that brings in a tremendous amount of additional profit for fast food restaurants nationwide.

No matter what industry you’re in, your business can benefit from its own “do you want fries with that?” question. One of the biggest areas of opportunity that we see in an existing business is getting your customers to spend more on average when they do business with you. This ultimately will boost your bottom line.

In fact, studies have shown that it costs 6 to 10 times more to get new clients than it does to get current clients to spend more with you.

Here are three strategies you can implement to increase your average sales and improve that bottom line, while also enhancing your customers’ purchase satisfaction:

By offering upgrades or premium versions of products your customers are already interested in, you can enhance their purchase satisfaction and your bottom line. Next time a customer makes a decision, suggest a complementary upgrade or a premium option that enhances their choice.

Bundling products not only makes shopping easier but also increases the perceived value while encouraging larger purchases. Customers love getting more for less and are more likely to buy a bundle than individual items. Start by bundling together items that are frequently bought together at a slightly reduced price to see your average order value soar.

Adjusting your pricing strategy can directly influence customer buying behavior. By understanding the market and evaluating your product's worth, you can optimize prices to maximize profits. Review your competitors and value offerings, then test new pricing structures for a segment of your products or services.

Are you interested in adopting other strategies to help make your business more profitable? Schedule a complimentary call today and let’s talk about it!

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