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Unlocking Real Estate

July 20, 2023 Thursday
5:00 PM PST
Virtual Seminar
Cost: FREE

Julie Seal-Gausted



FREE Home Buying Seminar for Business Owners

Julie Seal-Gausted


Unlocking Real Estate: FREE Home Buying Seminar for Business Owners

July 20, 2023 Thursday
5:00 PM PST
Virtual Seminar
Cost: FREE

Mindful Growth

Self-care and Business Mastery for Women

Join us for an empowering seminar designed exclusively for women like you who seek balance in business growth and life fulfillment.

About This Event

Are you a powerhouse female entrepreneur craving success without sacrificing your well-being? Join us for an empowering seminar designed exclusively for women like you, seeking the art of balance in business growth and life fulfillment.

Event Details

Unlock Your Potential: Embrace Balance, Achieve Abundance

In this transformative event, we'll delve into the essence of self-mastery across four crucial areas that pave the way for your business triumph:

Time Mastery

Discover the secrets to striking that elusive balance between business demands and personal presence. Learn strategies to savor each moment without compromising productivity.

Money Mindset

Explore the art of receiving abundance without guilt or hesitation. Overcome limiting beliefs and embrace a mindset that welcomes financial prosperity.

Destination Alignment

Find equilibrium in your journey. Balance ambition with tranquility, and harness the power of prompts to steer your business and life towards aligned success.

Delivery Mastery

Enhance your effectiveness in executing ideas and strategies. Learn to deliver your vision with confidence and impact.

Activities that Nourish Your Soul

Experience moments of introspection and rejuvenation with activities crafted for your inner growth:

  • Body Scan & Meditation: Reconnect with your inner self through a guided meditation to restore balance and clarity.
  • Presence Assessment: Reflect on your presence in life and business. Identify strengths and opportunities for growth.
  • The Art of Receiving: Engage in a workbook activity to practice and cultivate the skill of receiving abundance in various aspects of life.
  • Journaling & Sharing: Share insights and reflections in a supportive environment, fostering connection and growth among fellow female entrepreneurs.

Leave Empowered with Healing Affirmations

As the event draws to a close, craft your personalized healing affirmation to carry forward, a beacon of positivity and strength to guide you on your journey to success and self-care.

Reserve Your Spot for a Transformational Experience

Join us for an unforgettable journey toward self-mastery in business and life. Seize this opportunity to start your year off right – reclaim balance, find clarity, and manifest abundance, all while growing your business without guilt or overwhelm.

Embrace the harmony between your entrepreneurial drive and your inner peace. Secure your place today for a seminar that promises to elevate not just your business, but your entire way of being.

Limited spots available. Reserve your seat now and embark on your journey to success with tranquility.

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Julie Seal-Gaustad is a former first grade teacher turned entrepreneur. Building her first business from the ground up and with zero funding, she grew the marketing enterprise to an award-winning, 7-figure, nationwide level, eventually selling the profitable business. Now, she coaches other business owners in how to get more revenue, more profits, more and better clients, a more engaged team, and to build a business that works for the owner, not because of them.

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