How to Make Your Business Work Without You

May 16, 2023

I know how important it is for entrepreneurs and business owners to be present and active in their organization. After all, strong leadership is key to the success of any venture.

But could your business still operate and make money if you stepped away from it for a while...?

The answer is yes–but only if you take the necessary steps beforehand. Preparing your business to carry on without you requires an honest evaluation of itself as well as plenty of planning and strategy.

Most people think a business is creating a job for yourself, but the truth is that business is not about being busy. If you have to be there, it’s not longer a business–it’s a job.

The ActionCOACH definition of a successful business is a commercial, profitable enterprise that works…without you! You achieve a wonderful sense of freedom once you’ve put in the required work to reach that point of business success.

So how do you get there? It doesn't happen overnight, but here are some vital actions that you must execute in order to make your business work without you: 

Clear Delegation

First, delegate clear roles and responsibilities among team members so that each person has a distinct job to do. This will make sure that work gets done even in your absence. 

Invest in technology and automation solutions that will help streamline processes and help employees stay focused on their tasks.

Independent Working Culture

Next, focus on developing culture within your organization that promotes independent problem-solving and decision-making skills. 

Micromanaging is not necessary when you’ve built a solid, reliable team that has proven their work ethic and competencies. When working with your team, talk about the outcomes you want instead of detailing every single step of the process. Set expectations around feedback.

Encourage learning opportunities such as classes or seminars that offer new ways of thinking and encourage innovation from everyone involved. Work on ways to help your team members stretch and grow to take on new responsibilities. 

Access to Data

Finally, ensure that everyone has access to relevant data sets as well as financials so that team members can be proactive when running the business without you present. 

Create a system where at least two people in your business have a working knowledge of how to access any data or perform any necessary tasks. This ensures stability and avoids any panic when someone goes out on leave or moves on from the company, including yourself.

Interested in learning about more ways to grow a successful business that works without you? Contact me for a complimentary conversation!

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