Overcoming Self-Doubt in Business

May 27, 2023

There’s one common thing that prevents many business owners from reaching the full potential of success in their business: self-doubt. While it may not be an obvious, overwhelming feeling, self-doubt often manifests in many different ways that stave off actions involving risk or new learning, ultimately creating a negative impact on a business. 

As a business coach, I often discuss strategies with entrepreneurs about how to put an end to the cycle of self-doubt that's holding them back from achieving their goals.

Here's four ways to tackle self-doubt so you can live your truest potential:

1. Recognize and understand the sources of your self-doubt. 

With this step first comes the initial recognition and acknowledgement of self-doubt. Take some time to seriously reflect about areas where you feel a lack of confidence or fear in moving forward.

Then, ask yourself why you may be feeling this way. Are you comparing yourself to others? Do you have perfectionist tendencies? Are you too hard on yourself? Pinpoint these sources to begin the process of overcoming them.

2. Take small steps towards breaking out of the same old self-defeating pattern.

Learn valuable skills such as mindfulness, assertiveness or better communication strategies. Experiment with new techniques that can help build your confidence in tackling tasks that may have been beyond your comfort zone in the past.

3. Surround yourself with positive people who are champions for your growth. 

In order to adopt a confident mindset, you need to be around people who celebrate your successes, no matter how small they may appear initially. Surrounding yourself with positive energy is essential for shifting attitudes and behavior patterns so that self-doubt doesn’t take over again.

Think of the circle of people you have in your life, considering who has always been a champion for you compared to those who may have inflicted feelings of judgment, negativity or comparison. Be intentional about who you choose to spend your time with moving forward. 

4. Don’t forget to reward yourself for milestones achieved along the way.

Even if it means just taking a few moments out each week to appreciate what you’ve accomplished so far, this can make a big difference! 

You can also use rewards as an incentive for completing certain actions outside of your comfort zone, like attending a networking event or enrolling in a course to learn new skills. 

Once you can break free from a cycle of self-doubt, you’ll find newfound freedom to grow your business to its fullest potential. After all, confidence really is key. 

Interested in connecting with a business coach to help you get there? Contact me for a complimentary conversation to get started.

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