Stop trying to be clever ?

October 14, 2021

So many business owners get caught up in trying to write ads that are clever or funny, but then get stumped and don't write anything... Or, they aren't particularly savvy or interested in graphic design to make an eye-catching image.

Guess what, your ads don't have to be funny, cleverly written or even visually striking to work. What a relief!! ?

In fact, the best ads work because of the strategy behind them - making sure your ads say the right thing to the right people.

Writing ads is not about making people think you're funny or a genius. It's about communicating to your target customer in the fastest, clearest way possible.

So, how do you create alluring ads that will get your target audience to take action?

Here's what it's not: "Hi there. My business is ABC and our phone number is XYZ," and include your logo. You shouldn't be surprised if you don't get any responses.

(P.S. The only person besides you that cares about your logo is maybe your spouse or your mom…?) 

Here's what it is:


A strategy is defined as a plan, and that's exactly what it is - WHAT you want people to do and HOW you're going to get them to do it.

Here's a few questions you can ask yourself or your team the next time you sit down to write your next advertisement, special promotion, newsletter, social media promotional post, or e-mail marketing campaign:

1. What are you trying to achieve with the marketing piece?

2. Who are you trying to get to take that action? Who's your target audience?

3. What's your special offer, value add or incentive to get them to take action NOW?

So, give it some thought. WHOM do you want to do WHAT and HOW are you going to guide them to do it NOW?

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