Why Customers Aren’t Buying From You

March 1, 2023

What good is brand awareness if it doesn’t turn into sales? Perhaps you’ve invested all this money into advertising and marketing for your business, but the impressions you’re securing are not converting into customers.

Before you think about cutting your marketing budget, first reflect on why your marketing is not working. Marketing does work, which is why some of the most successful businesses are known to invest a seemingly exorbitant amount of money towards advertising. But successful marketing tactics only work when there are factors in place to help make the sale. 

While your conversion rate may be stagnant due to several different factors, here are three areas of improvement that I find to be the most common amongst my clients:

  1. Your messaging isn't resonating with your target audience. 

First, make sure you have identified who your target audience is. Maybe it’s young (25-35), middle-class working mothers on the East Coast. Take a look at things like the tone and language used, as well as the visuals you're using. What is the type of content that they are inspired by or relate to the most? Try to put yourself in their shoes to determine where, what and how they would be driven to purchase your product. 

  1. Your sales process may not effectively communicate the uniqueness and value your company brings

You know what your business’s unique selling proposition is, but does everyone else? While it's important to clearly establish what it is you are selling, it is just as important to emphasize why or how you stand out amongst competitors. What is it that makes you different, more appealing or more valuable to your customers? Remember, it may not be (and is often not!) a cheaper price. 

  1. You do not have a solid guarantee in place that gives customers a sense of stability.

When you’re buying from a business for the first time, you want to feel confident in your purchasing decision and trust that you will receive what you expect. Oftentimes customers look to online reviews, customer service accessibility, trial periods or fair return policies, and an updated website with reliable information to have a sense of guarantee and stability. Take a look at these different areas to see how you can improve and allow new customers to trust you through the buying process. 

Make sure to analyze each of these possibilities carefully and adjust as needed in order to drive conversions.

If you’re struggling to convert previous buyers, take a look at these 5 reasons customers stop buying from you.

Want more ideas for sales conversions or how to systemize the process? Contact me for a complimentary consultation to discuss developing a business plan to increase your sales and expand your client base. 

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