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Expert Executive Coaching

Executive coaching empowers you and your team to avoid the common pitfalls of C-Suite management. Stop worrying about skill gaps, performance issues, communication failures, and retention rates. When you prioritize building a motivated team where each member understands their role and value, your organization will thrive.

Let’s work together to:

Master leadership strategies that create momentum and drive positive outcomes
Navigate organizational challenges with confidence
Attract top talent and build ambitious, efficient teams
Create an environment that thrives on innovation and creativity
Encourage work-life balance without sacrificing productivity
Executive Coaching

Strategic and consistent leadership development is vital to the success of any forward-thinking corporation. It’s time to elevate your team into the ranks of the highest performers in your industry. 

It’s the aligned and focused executives who break the barriers and bring forth extraordinary development for their organizations with:

Agile and adaptive leadership
A results-driven mindset
A strong culture of continuous learning
Diversity and inclusion
Effective conflict resolution and communication skills

If you’re interested in taking your team to the next level, let’s talk about how Executive Coaching can get you there. 

Executive Coaching vs. Business Coaching

Which one is right for you?


Learn and develop effective leadership skills
Enhance executive presence
Navigate complex organizational challenges
Learn strategies for high-stakes decision-making


Focus on strategic planning & business goals
Improve operational efficiency
Learn strategies for sustainable growth
Implement systems that drive success
Benefit from my extensive experience working within the C-suite office of a major university and leading a nationally-recognized marketing firm. I offer invaluable insights and a deep understanding of the complex dynamics that executives face. By drawing upon firsthand knowledge, my tailored guidance can help you navigate challenges with clarity and confidence.
As the founder and CEO of a marketing firm employing over 600 team members, I offer a wealth of expertise in effective leadership. With me as your executive coach, you benefit from my years of experience with team management, talent development, and creating high-performing cultures. Gain practical strategies and tools to enhance your leadership skills, inspire your team, and drive exceptional results.
I offer personalized guidance tailored to your corporation’s specific needs and goals. Together, we will develop a customized coaching plan that addresses your unique pain points. Through our coaching sessions, you will experience transformative growth, unlock your team’s full potential, and achieve the desired outcomes. Feel empowered, fulfilled, and equipped to make a significant impact in your industry, organization, and community.

Meet Your Executive Coach, Julie Seal-Gaustad

I’m Julie, the founder of JSG Action Coach, an accomplished entrepreneur and award-winning business and executive coach with a rich background in transforming business challenges into growth and development opportunities. 

With 20 years of experience in marketing, communications, leadership development, and strategic planning, I offer unique insights for organizations looking to build a resilient, productive, engaged, and impactful team. I specialize in a results-oriented approach from my extensive C-suite experience, including an award for CEO of the Year, proven leadership expertise, and personalized guidance for professional growth.

My coaching is ideal for CEOs, leadership teams, and business owners in technology, pharmaceuticals, universities, consumer goods, and more. My approach is authentic and dependable, aiming to build trust and foster growth within your team while helping them find balance and personal fulfillment in their roles. 

My coaching focuses on empowering action-takers to navigate business complexities with confidence and achieve sustainable success. I’d love to work with you and your team to manage and achieve your business goals for the coming months and years.


DISC: A Tool for Every Executive

What is DISC?

DISC is a behavior assessment tool that helps in recognizing and understanding your own behavior and, as a result, connecting and communicating more effectively with others. 

It measures the intensity of four distinct behavioral styles: Dominance (D), Influence (I), Steadiness (S), and Conscientiousness (C). Each individual has a unique DISC profile, which highlights their own strengths and behavioral tendencies. The tool also acknowledges that while each trait represents a strength, it can also be a liability if unmanaged. 


How does DISC benefit executives and their teams?

DISC can be incredibly beneficial for business executives and their teams by fostering a deeper understanding of diverse behavioral styles and communication preferences. 

For executives, DISC offers valuable insights into their own leadership styles, enabling them to adapt their approach to manage and motivate different personality types within their teams effectively. This tailored approach enhances team dynamics, leading to improved collaboration and productivity. 

Teams benefit from DISC by gaining an appreciation for the unique strengths and challenges of each member, which promotes a more inclusive and supportive work environment. This understanding helps in resolving conflicts constructively, aligning team efforts toward common goals, and optimizing individual contributions based on each member's inherent strengths. 

Julie and the ActionCoach Team look forward to using DISC to improve communication, effective leadership, enhanced collaboration, and better conflict management for your entire team. 

Overall, DISC serves as a powerful tool in building cohesive, high-performing teams that are well-equipped with advanced skills in:


Helps individuals understand their behavioral tendencies, leveraging strengths and minimizing weaknesses.


Provides insights for leaders to engage and challenge people according to what motivates them.


Aids in understanding and adapting to different communication styles for better outcomes.


Highlights compatible styles within a team and addresses performance gaps or differences causing breakdowns.

Sales Skills:

Teaches quick identification of behavioral styles to build rapport with any personality type.

Conflict Resolution:

Brings clarity in understanding different personality styles, leading to healthier conflict resolution.

Hiring and Selection:

Assists in identifying behavioral traits likely to succeed in specific positions.

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