How to set business goals

November 13, 2023

In business, starting with your "why" is key to setting goals. It's not just about what you want to achieve, but why you want to achieve it. Your "why" leads to clear and meaningful standards that are easy to understand and communicate.

Think of your business goals like a road trip. You wouldn’t start driving without a destination in mind. But there’s a deeper question: why are you going there? Your “why” informs your business journey.

Simon Sinek emphasizes the external “why” for customer communication. It helps you connect your “why” to what you do, creating effective marketing messages. But there’s also an internal “why” that fuels your commitment to success.

How well do you understand your internal business goal? Is your business aligned with achieving it? Your “why” is the driving force behind your goals and your success.

Start by identifying the core values that motivate and inspire you and your team.

“Away-from goals” are born from dissatisfaction, which may lose their drive once initial gains are made. “Towards goals” are driven by inspiration. To stay motivated and avoid the comfort zone trap, focus on clear, significant “towards goals.”

These goals can be financial, personal, or community-driven. They embody your “why” and keep you moving forward.

TIP: Make sure your goals are specific and measurable so that you can track progress.

Ultimately, your vision and your North Star should be big enough that you may never meet it; it may always be a work in progress. Whatever that big hairy audacious goal is to you: when you hit number one, when you have served X number of clients, when you have sold X number of products and become a nationwide brand. It’s ultimately getting as far as you can see, and then once you get there, looking further. 

As a business leader, nothing is more rewarding than living out your vision. It all starts with a thorough understanding of what you want to achieve and why.

From there, it’s important to create a clear plan and assemble the right team and resources to make it happen. Believe in yourself and in your vision, stay focused on the positive outcomes that you want for your company, and pursue growth opportunities as they arise.

If you want to learn more about how to do this, connect with me today and we can work together on setting the right goals in place to see your business thrive. 

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