What to look for when recruiting new employees

October 23, 2023

Hiring the right candidates is crucial for your business success, and yet it can be difficult to get right. Having inadequate members on your team jeopardizes your business growth and leads to a higher turnover rate, which according to this Forbes article, can result in extra expenses and lower team morale. Not ideal. 

While some positions may require a certain level of experience, training or certification, it is important to consider additional factors–subtle as they may be–to help you make better hiring decisions for long-term retention and growth for your business.

When I adopted the “hire for character, you can teach skill” mentality in my first business, my retention rate went up, productivity improved, and the feeling our clients had in working with us showed through in their repeat business and referrals.

These characteristics may not be as immediately obvious as qualifications and experience, but they will significantly influence a candidate's success in your organization and the overall dynamics of your team.


While skills and experience are crucial, ensuring that a candidate aligns with your companies culture can’t be understated. Subtle cues during interviews, such as how well they connect with your team or how they respond to hypothetical workplace scenarios, can provide insight into their cultural fit. A candidate who seamlessly blends into your organization’s values and work environment is more likely to thrive and contribute positively.


Effective communication is a key factor in workplace success. Pay attention to a candidate’s communication style during interviews and interactions. Are they responsive, clear, and articulate? Do they actively listen and ask insightful questions? A candidate who communicates effectively can minimize misunderstandings, foster collaboration, and contribute to a healthier work atmosphere.


Soft skills like adaptability, empathy, teamwork, and problem-solving are often underrated but essential for job performance. Assessing a candidate’s emotional intelligence and soft skills can be challenging, but it can be done through targeted questions and situational assessments. Employees with strong soft skills tend to navigate challenges more effectively, positively impact team dynamics, and contribute to a better work environment. 

Ready to build a thriving team? Connect with me today, and let's work together to ensure an effective hiring process in your organization.

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